GPs against Tory and UKIP NHS plans

“Yet more people who don’t know what they’re talking about” – GP on Tory NHS policy

GPs across Wales have given a resounding message that the Conservative and UKIP policy to have elected Health Commissioners run Wales’ NHS would be a disaster for patients.

In November, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, wrote to over 650 GP surgeries in Wales asking their views; 21% of GP surgeries responded.

One question asked whether they would support a policy for directly elected health commissioners which would bring greater political influence into the NHS. 69% of GPs would not support this, with just 18% in support of the policy.

Responses to the Conservative’s policy included:

  • “Yet another layer of bureaucracy”
  • “Another quango”
  • “We need less political influence, not more”
  • “A disaster”
  • “Waste of money, the police commissioners are a waste of time”
  • “We need to remove politics from the NHS”

Veronica German, Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Candidate for South Wales East, said:
“The response from GPs is resounding: the Tories’ plans would be a disaster for patients acoss South Wales East.

“It’s utter madness to think that a load of elected politicians should be running our local health services. We need less politics in our NHS, not more.

“This ill thought out Tory policy would cost our NHS the equivalent of 220 nurses. This is in stark contrast to the Welsh Liberal Democrats who want more nurses on our hospital wards.

“Welsh Liberal Democrats have been calling for a cross-party and no-party commission to stop our NHS being treated like a political football and finally work towards solving some of these problems. It’s a shame that Plaid and the Tories are unwilling put patients before politics and take part in such a commission.”

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