International Day Against Racial Discrimination

International Day Against Racial Discrimination

I’m proud to be a Liberal Democrat, a political party that refreshingly is not associated with anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or any other racial phobias.

Racism over the last few years hasn’t increased but it’s being reported more, because trends have changed from, covert Racism to overt Racism. I blame politicians who propagate racial fears, using hate speech as a means to an end, without a care for large sections of the population.

Campaigning in Monmouthshire with Lib Dem Senedd Candidate Jo Watkins

What do racists actually want? Do they want the planet all to themselves? Do they want to divide the planet and segregate the people according to their race? Or, are the racist happy to live together as long as their lives, rights and benefits are superior to everyone else; like a caste system? Are their views and wishes even possible, or is it just pure hate, and they’ll never be happy? I want to try and find out, because some politicians will have us fighting each other, constantly suspicious and divided, for their own benefits. We will be forever on edge, if we don’t get over this.  It is why I appreciate campaigning with Lib Dem Senedd Candidate Jo Watkins.  Jo is constantly promoting activists and candidates from under represented sections of society and calling for their voices to be heard, whether BAME, female, gay, physically disabled or neurodiverse.

The Americans have used segregation for decades, mainly to supress communities of colour from voting. The same is happening in the UK. It’s clear that, whilst the UK is becoming increasingly diverse, levels of integration are not keeping pace,' said Chuka Umunna, former Liberal Democrat MP. Until we tackle this issue (the main one in my view), and have elected officials who share our values, we can never uproot racism. This is why along with Jo I support the building of sustainable, affordable housing in all areas of the UK.

Next time you hear a racially charged speech, ask them what they actually want for the world and is it realistic?  Perhaps we can help some people to reflect on their hatred, and maybe find the real root of their anxieties and fears.

Ian J Prince

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