Back Jo's plan for our Region

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed just how deeply unfair our society can be. As we look to emerge from the pandemic, we must ensure we Put Recovery First and build back better.

As a mother of two, I want to leave my children a fairer, safer, and greener world - one where everyone has the opportunities they need to grow and thrive.

If you elect me as your MS I will:

🛍️ Support our local businesses

We have so many fabulous shops and local businesses here in South East Wales, but they need more support. The Welsh Liberal Democrats will help our businesses rebuild by:

💷 Create a £500million to support our towns, cities, and villages and help alleviate the damage caused to our local businesses by Coronavirus.

❄️ Freeze business rates to help shop owners cope with day-to-day bills and work with businesses to develop a fairer model of taxation.

🔬 Invest in skills and technology to support businesses and grow a greener economy through greater digital infrastructure.

🌳 Protect our Environment

I convinced Monmouthshire Council to declare a Climate Emergency back in 2019 and have continued to campaign for uus to reduce our carbon emissions. In order to achieve this I will:

♻️ Champion £1billion of investment a year to support initiatives to directly tackling the climate emergency.

🌱 Stand up for our nature reserves, plant more trees, and shore up our flood defence schemes to support biodiversity and prevent flooding damage.

⛅ Introduce a Clean Air Act within the first 100 days of the new Senedd to clean up our air and create healthier communities.

👩‍👧‍👦 Give our children the best possible start in life

I am so proud of the work Kirsty Williams has done as Education Minister over the past five years - raising PISA scores, cutting class sizes, introducing Wales' first made-in-Wales curriculum, and so much more. As your MS I will fight to:

🍎 Tackle holiday hunger by continuing Free Schools Meals over all school holidays on a permanent basis. My work in Caldicot Foodbank has shown me just how desperate this situation can be and the real danger holiday hunger poses.

👶🏼 Provide all families with access to high-quality, free childcare and early-years education from the age of 9 months, and before-school, after-school and part-time holiday care. This will give all parents the opportunity to work, train or fulfil other caring responsibilities.

👩🏻‍🏫 Expand current Personal Learning Accounts, so that everyone has the chance to continue learning and training throughout their lives. This will contribute to renewing a greener, stronger economy for Wales.

These are just some of the things I will fight for if I have the honour of being elected to serve you in May. If you agree with my priorities, then vote Welsh Liberal Democrat on both your Constituency and Regional ballot to help send me to Cardiff Bay so that I can fight for you.