Jo Watkins: top choice for region

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have announced Monmouthshire Councillor Jo Watkins as their lead candidate for South Wales East in next year’s Senedd election

Jo Watkins is the Liberal Democrat Group Leader on Monmouthshire County Council, having won her seat in 2017.

As a Caldicot Councillor, Jo has a track record of holding her council to account, fighting for improvements to education, better public transport, and tackling poverty. Jo is also a mother of two school age children, runs her own small business and has been managing a local Food Bank throughout the Covid-19 crisis.



A keen environmentalist, last year Jo successfully persuaded Monmouthshire County Council to declare a council-wide climate emergency, making it the first council in Gwent to do so. She believes that swift action on climate change is necessary to secure a safe and prosperous planet for future generations, and also represents an opportunity for growth in new skills, business, jobs and innovation across Wales.


Cllr Jo Watkins commented:

“I am delighted to be leading the regional list for South Wales East. Now, more than ever our country is crying out for effective voices in the Senedd to lead us confidently out of the current pandemic and the disaster which is Brexit.

“There are many big challenges facing Wales. Our economy is stagnating and crying out for new ideas. People willing to work hard and contribute to society should have good, fulfilling and well-paid jobs.  We need to support the many businesses and entrepreneurs who innovate, invest and behave responsibly toward their employees and the environment.  Politicians need to provide an inspiring vision, passion and framework for a thriving Wales.  The performance of the nation’s present leaders has been lacklustre for far too long.

“As a small business owner, I understand the pressures businesses face. If elected I will work hard to fix this.”

Former South Wales East Assembly Member and Party Leader Mike German added:

“Jo will be a magnificent Member of the Welsh Parliament.  She sparkles with enthusiasm for helping people, and has shown she has the future of Wales at her heart.

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