What to do on Valentine's Day in Lockdown

What to do in a lock-down Valentines Day...

As a Liberal Democrat, I believe in love, and no matter who you are, you deserve it! This year we all have to work that little bit smarter to generate the grandiose gestures of love usually associated with this day, that normally would have some support of scenery, situation and help from other people. There’s no hiding, making of excuses or escape, as we've known each other’s movements for weeks.

I can only imagine couples are going to know each other a lot better as imagination and creativity is the name of the game. I have been scouring through cookbooks looking for the perfect recipes, hunting for gifts online and planning to tell the children I’ve left money or chocolate in their rooms (still undecided), just for the sake of Valentine’s Day.

All well and good if these are your only problems on Valentine’s Day, but let’s spare a thought, no, let’s do even more for the people & businesses excluded from government help, the people adversely affected by this pandemic, for the people who can’t be with their loved, those who have felt isolated and alone during this terrible pandemic, and those who don't even have the security of knowing they'll have a roof over their head tonight.  Think today of the difference you will make in their lives today, and in the year ahead - and commit to showing them through your actions that they're valued and not forgotten.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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